We have a great group of willing server and network admins that has accumulated out of those who have climbed the stairs for one reason or another over the years. Several host servers of their own alongside the SPC lumps and willingly respond to requests for support and assistance.

We recently added irc for admin group to use – & the channel is #spc

admin group

Vaughan – First helped us set up hosting servers for backspace in 1996!
*Tenyen – Long term supporter and gaurdian of hosted servers
*John Lea – General AV and tech facilitation and support at SPC
Ellis Melman – built and admin on our main server and long term supporter
Alexei Blinov – i/o engineer and long time collaborator
*Rob Canning – Deckspacer and floss AV geek/educator
Delboy (Graham and Matsuko) – Southend based media arts project and linux support.
*Adnan Hadzi deckspacer and floss media producer
Bill Hully – joined us at recent meeting with objective overview offering input.

* keyholder

Many thanks to you all..!

we are blessed with a class C range of public IP numbers /24 I think that’s written # edited to reflect correct notation

if you check the ripe record you see mostly rubbish! only about 10 years out of date so I will get that sorted have already contacted Garry beale ov awellconneccted. – the VZ for mindfull – admin Ellis – – general web host for SPC – admin Ellis – – – – – – no idea – admin Startx – – ftp server to be distilled to ignorant – – ready to be migrated to – admin Lisa H and Adnan – admin Startx – – admin James San – – admin Rob – – 1U rackserver – admin Rob – – admin Delboy – – admin Delboy – – – ftp server – admin San – – replacement server in waiting – – admin ellis ( more a testing space )


We have several dell 32bit servers for sale please contact for details